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“I care about clean air!” Everything you ever wanted to know about car purchase decisions but were afraid to ask.

Environment Themed

What’s on offer?

A 45-minute informative and interactive online session examining the decision-making processes around buying a new car. Although you are one person, with one car to buy, your choice really matters!

What’s it about?

This session is about why your choice of car matters to the people of Sheffield, and how people tend to weigh up different factors that affect their decisions. It is based on research conducted by SHU researchers for Sheffield City Council. The presenters will outline how behavioural science has been applied to help the council understand how to reduce the number of diesel engines on the city’s roads, in order to improve air quality and public health.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Abigail Millings & Dr Carrie Jordan, Sheffield Hallam University

Isabella Myers - Independent Consultant on Health, Policy and the Environment

 Sam Cooke - Clean Air Communications Officer working across Sheffield and Rotherham Councils to deliver the Clean Air Plan

Open to

Anyone over the age of 18