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At the top of the mountains

Environment Themed

What’s on offer?

We will virtually take our audience to the Colombian mountains at the peasant's village of Monquetiva. We will offer our audience a drone view of the Paramo and forest landscape at Monquetiva, we will host a live conversation with local peasants, committed for decades to the protection of Paramos, and we will release an animated video that will translate rigorous scientific studies into a didactic and entertaining audiovisual experience. All activities are the part of the BioResilience’s project results. BioResilience is a high-impact scientific project focused on studying the Andean mountain socio-ecosystems under the leadership of Colombian and British institutions

What’s it about?

Paramo is the fastest evolving and colder biodiversity hotspot in South America. Paramos and High Andean forests are ecosystems occurring at the top of the mountains, and they host a great number of unique or endemic species. They also provide large natural reservoirs of water to megacities like Bogota in Colombia (South America), and are crucial to halt the effects of climate change and to prevent further biodiversity loss. During the event “At the top of the mountains”, we will promote public awareness about the exceptional biodiversity found in these ecosystems, their people, their culture, and about local and international efforts that aim to protect them

Who’s leading the event?

The event will be chaired by Monica Amador and Julieth Serrano, in representation of the BioResilience Project lead by the University of Exeter and Bristol.

Open to

Our event is open to everyone, and especially to young people and adults.

Of particular interest to

“At the top of the mountains” will be of interest to young people and adults from a mix of ethnic backgrounds, and interested on environmental leadership, multidisciplinary research, and conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources

Event Booking details

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