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Beyond 1.5 to Stay Alive: Small Island Developing States and Policy Change at CoP26

Environment Themed An image of Mooréa Island (South Pacific) and the vast blue sea around it.

What’s on offer?

CoP26 is a summit bringing together leaders, from a variety of countries that are signed up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This event will document and reflect on the process of attempting to enact policy change at CoP26.

What’s it about?

The event will consist of two parts; firstly a 20 minute film that will document the experience of a group of academics and policymakers who sought to initiate and sustain a discussion at CoP26 about the way the current climate finance regime is detrimental to SIDS (Small Island Developing States). These are the first and worst affected by climate change and includes locations such as the Maldives, Seychelles, Cuba, Aruba and Puerto Rico.

The second half of the event will feature a panel discussion where the audience will have the chance to ask questions to the academics and policymakers involved, about the climate change in SIDS and how to make an impact at an event like CoP26. The event will help to raise awareness and promote the importance of social science research for informing policy decisions in SIDS.

Who’s leading the event?

Jack Corbett, Professor of Politics at the University of Southampton

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