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Breaking Britain’s High Inequality, High Poverty Cycle

What’s on offer?

A talk showcasing the latest research into inequality and poverty in Britain.

What’s it about?

For the last 200 years, Britain has been marked by a high inequality, high poverty cycle. That cycle has only been broken once and briefly, in the immediate post-war years. Unlike the boom and bust cycle which lasts between 10 and 20 years, Britain's first poverty/inequality wave lasted for a century and a half. Its second wave, which emerged from the early 1980s has already lasted four decades and shows no sign of abating. Stewart Lansley, the author of The Richer, The Poorer, How Britain Enriched the Few and Failed the Poor ( a 200 year history), asks what lies behind this cycle, why has it been allowed to last so long and how can it finally be broken.

Who’s leading the event?

Stewart Lansley (Visiting Fellow at the School of Policy Studies) and Bristol Poverty Institute

Open to

Everyone is welcome

Of particular interest to

Those with an interest in poverty and inequality