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Catching your breath: workshop to promote wellbeing among young people

What’s on offer?

Breathing — it sounds like such a simple, automatic thing! Well, if it is true that it is automatic, it is false that it is an easy thing, especially if we talk about deep breathing. Deep breathing, also known as conscious breathing, is an intentional breathing whose benefits are numerous: to calm emotions, reduce stress, helps to stay focused, enhance the immunity system, promote body awareness, self-control, and relaxation. In this workshop we will learn the basic principles of how we breathe, and we will then practice breathing techniques which may be useful tool to cope with everyday life emotions and improve physical and emotional wellbeing. You will learn some breathing exercise you may want to use yourself and/or teach your family and friends. What do you need to attend? Just your breath!

What’s it about?

In this workshop you will learn some of the basic principles of the physiology of breathing and breathing exercise. These exercises, if practiced regularly for a couple of minutes a day, can be particularly helpful to regulate possible stress related to daily activity, to exams and academic performance, promoting focusing and concentration, relaxation, and control of actions and behaviour.

Who’s leading the event?

Simona Di Folco, Clinical Psychology University of Edinburgh. Aimee Hartley, founder of School Breathe. Professor Matthias Schwannauer and Dr Divya Sivaramakrishnan, School of Health in Social Science, Edinburgh. 

Open to

Young people, Teachers, Public

Of particular interest to

of particular interest to young people affected by anxiety, school teachers and councillors