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Climate Finance: Challenges and lessons for the future- Industry and Policy Perspectives Day 2

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What’s on offer?

FORMAT AND AGENDA: Two half-days conference, with stand-alone keynote presentations and also panel discussions with industry and policy experts around the emerging issues of climate finance. WHO IS THIS EVENT FOR: The event invites everyone interested  in sustainable investments and seeks attendees from investment and regulatory institutions, central and local governments, civil society and environmental NGOs, media, and existing and potential students of disciplines widely related to the topic.

What’s it about?

The COVID-19 pandemic sharpened the focus and pushed for swifter responses. This event aims to tackle crucial questions by bringing together experts from across the financial sector and it is open to everyone interested in rapid developments in climate finance.

Following the success of its workshop on Climate Finance and Economics, the University of Sussex Business School joins forces with the University of Nottingham Business School to co-organise a two-day online conference exploring the key developments in climate finance within the financial and capital markets industry. The event features keynote speeches, presentations and panel discussions, with leading experts in the industry and policy-making. Discussions will focus on key market trends, emerging products and technologies, and the challenges for regulators, investors, and companies. Attendees will be able to express their opinions about the impact of climate finance on sustainability and the environment.

Who’s leading the event?

Meryem Duygun, Professor of Banking and Finance, University of Nottingham & Radu Tunaru, Professor of Finance and Risk Management, University of Sussex.

Open to

This conference is open to everyone, with the aim of bridging the gap between academia, industry, policy and the public, opening out the dialogue on shaping the future of Climate Finance

Of particular interest to

The conference if for anyone interested in financial developments related to climate risks, sustainable finance and policy transformation and practical change for climate action 

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