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Conversations on COP26 - 4

Environment Themed Windfarm

What’s on offer?

A series of four online sessions linked to COP26 negotiations, each hosted by a different expert. Reporting: Titi Adebola, Discussants: Daria Shapovalova and Thomas Muinzer

What’s it about?

COP 26 is a once in a generation opportunity to tackle climate change. We will share our analysis and insight, while discussing how the negotiations are progressing, across four areas that are critical to the future of our planet. The host of each session will ‘report’ on the COP26 negotiations as it applies to their area of expertise, before moving onto a panel discussion and a Q&A. Each event will revolve around the most prominent COP26 developments and its relevance for North-East of Scotland, the UK, and developing countries in the Global South.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Daria Shapovalova, Lecturer in Energy Law, Centre for Energy Transition, University of Aberdeen

Open to

Adults and young people interested in COP26

Of particular interest to

Adults and young people interested in COP26

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