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COVID-19 through the eyes of children with intellectual disabilities

What’s on offer?

1. A digital exhibition, which will be a short video that captures the photographs/images produced during the photovoice sessions, after consent from participants. These images will be presented alongside clips of (or voiceovers of) children/parents talking about what their picture means to them. This will be uploaded to the project website and will be shared with interested parties for UK-wide coverage and obtaining high deliverable impact. 2. An online event, open to the public whereby the video (1) will be presented, and then a short talk from Dr Gillespie-Smith discussing preliminary findings from the study. As the Festival is especially interested in the theme of ‘audiences of young people’, the event will be held at a time after school to allow children to also join in and listen along with their parents. Participants of the virtual event will be given the opportunity to sign a virtual guest book sharing their thoughts and feedback of the event. 3. An online roundtable discussion bringing together researchers, practitioners, stakeholders (I.e. families who take part in our study), third party sectors (i.e. charity and advocacy groups) and policy makers (government and/or parliament) to view the video and discuss issues raised. This will allow different perspectives of how COVID and recovery has impacted children with ID and their caregivers. The roundtable discussion will be recorded, transcribed and analysed to inform a policy briefing.

What’s it about?

This event aims to bring together representatives from practice, education, charity and advocacy groups, and experts by experience (i.e., parents and carers) to discuss how best to support families who have a child with intellectual difficulties (ID) as we transition out of lockdown restrictions.

Who’s leading the event?

Karri Gillespie Smith, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Edinburgh. Partner organisations: Barnados, Enable Scotland, Williams Syndrome Foundation, Fragile X Society, Action for Children, Positive About Down Syndrome.

Open to

Young people, Public, Professionals

Of particular interest to

of particular interest to those caring for children with intellectual disabilities and/or affected by COVID-19