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Decarbonising Transport: How do we work together to make an impact?

Environment Themed A busy crossing shown from above. There are around 40 people on there wandering in various directions. Some are on bikes while others are walking

What’s on offer?

Through opening presentations underpinned by research from the Centre for Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS), this webinar will open discussion about how organisations and communities are (and can) work together to create sustainable transport systems in cities across the UK. This webinar will be interactive, aiming to hear your views on how we can work together to create change, and identify challenges, opportunities and strategies we can employ to make real change towards sustainable transport a reality.

What’s it about?

We need bold and significant action within the transport sector if the UK is to meet its net-zero ambitions. While the climate change challenge is global, there is real opportunity and need to act locally on transport to make significant progress. However, the changes we need to make are difficult and potentially controversial. This interactive session will draw on recent research across UK city regions, to open discussion about how organisations and communities can work together to create meaningful change. The event will explore the opportunities and challenges we face and the strategies we can employ to make sustainable transport a reality.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Louise Reardon (University of Birmingham), Dr Timea Nochta (University of Cambridge), other contributors to be confirmed.

Open to

Everyone eligible

Of particular interest to

Those with an interest in the environment, traffic, city centres, especially Birmingham city centre