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Documentary: Cuba’s ‘Life Task’ – confronting climate change in the Caribbean.

Environment Themed Man on a rooftop in Cuba

What’s on offer?

We will show a documentary made with ESRC IAA funding about Cuba’s unique approach to climate change - State plan to confront climate change, known as Tarea Vida.

It will be introduced by a Cuban social scientist who works with the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment and the Environment Agency which oversees much of the work of Tarea Vida.

Following the one-hour documentary, the audience will be invited to ask questions and comment on the contents and the theme.

What’s it about?

Topic: climate change adaptation and mitigation. This documentary investigates Cuba’s (and the Caribbean’s) vulnerability to climate change and introduces Cuba’s new development model built upon the protection of the population and the environment from climate change. This is formalised as the State Plan to Confront Climate Change, known as ‘Life Task’ (Tarea Vida).

The documentary will provide evidence of Cuba’s unique approach to climate change adaptation that could facilitate other small island developing states (SIDS), particularly in the Caribbean, to utilise elements of the Cuban toolkit in their own climate change adaptation strategies, thus ensuring impact.

The event will initiate a debate about the respective responsibility for climate change mitigation and adaption, between the government/state, local authorities, communities, local authorities and the private sector. It will also address the broader issue of responsibility in relation to advanced industrialised nations (the ‘West’) and countries of the global south, particularly small island nations which are disproportionately vulnerable to climate change despite contributing very little to carbon emissions.

Who’s leading the event?

The documentary will be introduced by Dr Helen Yaffe and followed up with a Q&A with Cuban environmentalist, Blanca Garcés Fernández, from Cuba’s Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment, in Glasgow for COP26.

Open to

Anyone is welcome.

Of particular interest to

This will be particularly attractive to young people engaged in climate activism and concerned about environmental sustainability. It will also be particular concern to those in Glasgow for the COP26 international climate change conference. It will attract the broad audience which is interested in topics concerning Cuba and/or the Caribbean.

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