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Law and the Creative Imagination in a Pandemic: A Time of Remarkable Flourishing

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What’s on offer?

A live discussion and Q&A session with a diverse panel of people who will share artistic creations inspired by the pandemic laws and their experience of living with these regulations. The event will take place on the 24th of November, 6:00-7:00pm and will be held on a video call platform (to be confirmed).

What’s it about?

How did the Covid-19 lockdowns and other restrictions prove to be such a potent and compelling source of creative inspiration? Law and legal rules may not be an obvious motivator for artists and poets in normal times, but this changed when the order to 'stay at home' began to impact on all aspects of life. Our panel of poets and artists share their experience of turning a crisis into an unprecedented opportunity for inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to find solace, hope and positivity in new acts of creativity. The event looks back at the coronavirus pandemic as a rare and unusual meeting between law and the imagination: a time of isolation, of feeling caged, and for many sadly a time of loss. But also, a time of remarkable flourishing.

Who’s leading the event?

David Gurnham, Professor of Law at the University of Southampton and Haris Psarras, Lecturer in Law

Open to

Open to all

Of particular interest to

This event may be of particular interest to those working or volunteering in the arts and education sectors.