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Films and the rest of us

What’s on offer?

This is a blended event, taking place both online and in-person. The duration for the workshop is roughly 4 hours and will include a few talks, Q&A and an open discussion around the subject of the workshop.

What’s it about?

The workshop is entitled “Films and the rest of us.” The aim of this workshop is to review and discuss film portrayal and representation of people with disabilities and the potential that film has on forging identities, promoting access and social justice, and the creation of safe spaces in society. The workshop will provide a platform for attendees to contribute to the contemporary discussion on film portrayal and film potentials in improving society. Attendees are expected to contribute to the discussions, ask questions from speakers and make recommendations on improving the portrayal of people with disabilities in films.

Who’s leading the event?

Ngozi Marion Emmanuel, PhD Student in Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester; Dr Lieve Gies, Associate Professor, School of Media and Communication, University of Leicester.

Open to

Anyone interested in films and media portrayal is welcome to attend

Of particular interest to

Of particular interest to people with disabilities and those caring for people with disabilities, disability rights organisations, and people who work in the film industry

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