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Growing Green Films: Young filmmakers building a sustainable industry

Environment Themed

What’s on offer?

A 45-minute panel discussion followed by a 45-minute and audience Q&A on the subject of the environmental impact of the film industry and how young and new filmmakers can make a difference.  

What’s it about?

We all know the media can have a massive impact on how we think about the environment and climate crisis, one of the most important and challenging issues faced by our society today: but few of us consider that film production has its own environmental footprint. The ideas and dreams we realize have real physical costs. from the waste from sets built only to be torn down and thrown away, to the carbon footprint of the energy powering sophisticated digital equipment. This event brings together educators and advocates for green media production with young and indie filmmakers to discuss the future of greener film production, and how aspirants, students, and new creators can make a change for a more sustainable productions and industry. Attendees will hear about green production initiatives and resources in the UK and the experiences of award-winning indie filmmakers in creating environmental content.

Who’s leading the event?

Led by Dr. Leora Hadas, media industries scholar at the Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies.

Confirmed participants: Louise Smith, environmental consultant, Neptune Environmental Solutions; Annie East, Senior Lecturer in Television Production at Bournemouth University, Albert Educational Partnership; Stephanie Wrate, Production Consultant, Albert sustainability trainer; Laura Mahler, writer/director/producer, Film the Change: PLASTIC.

Open to

All welcome!

Of particular interest to

Of particular interest to young people working in or interested in going into film and television production, to aspiring media creators of all ages, and to anyone interested in sustainability and the future of the media industry.

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