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Heating Homes: disrupting our homes and neighbourhoods on the route to net zero?

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What’s on offer?

This afternoon event offers both an exhibition and interactive discussion on the changes and disruptions, households and communities might face on the road to zero carbon heating.

What’s it about?

Net zero is often talked about as a technical challenge but the new technologies that are needed to make heating climate safe could mean changes to the fabric of our homes, communities and how we pay for energy. This exhibition brings together information about these changes with quotes and images from social science research examining citizens views on heating and energy systems change. What does heating mean in your life? How should net zero heating be paid for? How much disruption to homes and communities is it fair to expect? What positive disruptions could net zero bring? Come and view the exhibition and speak with Dr Gareth Thomas and energy social scientists from Cardiff University about what net zero might mean for you, not only as consumers but as families and citizens. We have some ideas, but we want to hear from you too!

Who’s leading the event?

This event is led by Dr Gareth Thomas from Cardiff's school of Psychology. Dr Thomas is joined by colleagues from Cardiff's schools of Psychology and Social Science - Professor Nicholas Pidgeon, Professor Karen Henwood, Dr Chris Groves, Dr Fiona Shirani, Dr Erin Roberts and Dr Kate O’Sullivan2

Of particular interest to

This event is open to everone. Net zero heating is something we could all have to adapt to, so if you’re a homeowner, a tenant, a bill payer, or someone interested in technology and climate change, then this event is for you.