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Horizons of Hope

What’s on offer?

Join in to have your say, and to hear about how people from across the world think about hope in our uncertain times.

What’s it about?

Hope matters. More so in the uncertain times which we live. Despite facing overwhelming challenges, people live their lives the best they can. People cope the best they can with a changing climate. Workers adapt to new technologies. Nurses and doctors treat patients to the best of their ability, despite not always having the latest medication. Scientists strive to develop vaccines. Businesses invest despite market uncertainties. Poor people demand assistance from the state. Religious and ethnic minorities organise to demand being recognised as full citizens despite facing discrimination. People send their children to school in the hope that their future generations will live better lives. So how do we understand hope?

Who’s leading the event?

The event will be led by Dr. Indrajit Roy, Department of Politics, University of York

Open to

Open to all

Of particular interest to

Of particular interest to young people, activists for social change, and anyone interested in imaginations of a better world.