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Improving Responses to Sexual Assault

What’s on offer?

This workshop will provide innovative information and tools to enhance coordinated efforts towards assisting victims of sexual assault while holding offenders accountable. The audience will hear from experts in the field on best practices in criminal justice and community engagements with sexual assault cases and we will showcase video clips from a professionally developed series of educational videos to further promote key messages.

What’s it about?

The workshop explains common impediments to properly evaluating and responding to allegations of sexual assault. Attendees receive information that can assist them in better understanding common tactics of perpetrators and the reasons victims may not act as one might as expect. We discuss how to assess whether consent was fully and voluntarily given, offer guidance on how to assess the role of alcohol and drugs, and provide advice on how potential victims and their supporters can navigate issues of assessing safety if attempts are made to end the relationships. We explain how the neurobiology of trauma can explain confusing behaviour and explore common tactics in selecting vulnerable victims and hiding evidence. The workshop aims to improve understanding and mutual response to sexual assault for members of public in the community, community organisations, academic experts, authorities, and justice professionals, and will offer proven suggestions on workable solutions.

Who’s leading the event?

Professor Melissa Hamilton, Professor of Law & Criminal Justice, University of Surrey School of Law

Noël Busch-Armendariz, University Presidential Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Steven Hicks School of Social Work Partnering with the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Dr Christine Barter, Professor of Interpersonal Violence Prevention, University of Central Lancashire

Margaret Bassett, Director of Applied Research & Innovative Instruction, The University of Texas at Austin

Caitlin Sulley, Director of Research and Operations, The University of Texas at Austin.

Open to

Only appropriate for adults with discretion due to subject matter concerning sexual assault.

Of particular interest to

General public, community groups, violence prevention activists, policing agencies, prosecution authorities, magistrates, judges, policymakers, women’s advocacy organizations, criminal justice reformers, sexual assault victims.

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