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In a World of “Fast-Fashion” is Sustainable Retail Possible or Desirable?

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What’s on offer?

Dr Sarah Montano and Dr Inci Toral will lead a panel of experts including Felix Strauss (Corporate Responsibility Consultant for Aldi South, Austria), Professor Finola Kerrigan (Centre for Fashion Business and Innovation Research, London College of Fashion), Professor Selcen Ozturkcan (Emlyon Business School, Lyon (France)) and Rebecca Taylor (content manager at Stamford Endowed Schools). They will discuss with the public whether in a world of fast fashion, is sustainable retail possible or even desired by consumers?

What’s it about?

Consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable retail practice, illustrated by the rise in demand for vegan foods and the TV series the Blue Planet spurning consumers to demand sustainable products. At the same time, the consumption of fast-fashion is enjoyed by consumers of all ages and encouraged by the hosting of key retail destinations, such as Primark’s largest European store in Birmingham. This, combined with the increase in packaging and cardboard from online purchases and more digital offerings within stores, leads to an increase in toxic pollution.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Sarah Montano (University of Birmingham), Dr Inci Toral Manson (University of Birmingham)

Open to

Everyone eligible

Of particular interest to

Students/young people interested in sustainable choices, retail workers and businesses