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LGBTQ+ teachers’ perspectives on LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools

What’s on offer?

Main Event: 25 minutes: Presentation of findings from the Durham, School of Education, report on LGBTQ+ teachers’ perspectives on LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools.

10 minute: Q and A around the report.

25 minute: Discussion around implementation of report findings in schools.

What’s it about?

This research project has explored LGBTQ+ teachers’ perspectives on LGBTQ+ inclusion in UK schools, and whether they themselves felt included at work. Attendees can gain an understanding of the current state of LGBTQ+ inclusion in UK schools, as well as the diverse range of practices experienced by LGBTQ+ teachers. The report to be presented will include various examples of inclusion and ways that LGBTQ+ teachers are supported, as well as ‘sticking points’ that limit LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools and hence cause concern for LGBTQ+ teachers and the wider school environment. The second half of the session is to explore methods of dissemination to schools, and how the report can be adapted or utilised to best support LGBTQ+ inclusion work in schools.

Who’s leading the event?

The event is led by Dr Anna Llewellyn, Assistant Professor of Education - the primary researcher on this project.

Open to

The event is open to anyone, but particularly those who work in UK schools (all phases, sectors and subjects).


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