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Magical encounters: How conjuring can help understand ourselves and others

What’s on offer?

Part conjuring show, part seminar, “Magical Encounters” blends entertainment magic with themes in sociology, psychology, criminology and other social sciences in order to help us re-imagine social interactions. 

What’s it about?

For the past few years I have been learning entertainment magic as a way of examining how embodied skills are acquired (see “Magical Encounters” offers a highly interactive session that use entertainment magic to explore themes about how we live together.  In a Zoom-based, we will use the play of secrecy, disclosure and deception in magic to discuss the role of secrecy, disclosure and deception in science, war, and everyday life. 

Who’s leading the event?

Professor Brian Rappert, University of Exeter

Open to

Anyone with a stable internet connection and a deck of 52 playing cards.

Of particular interest to

Open to those young and old with a sense of curiosity about social life. The sessions will be interactive. The effects performed are intended to serve as prompts for group discussion. There is nothing in particular you need to say or to do, but you need to be willing to engage in reflective discussion.