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More or less meat? Building a dialogue to reduce meat consumption

Environment Themed

What’s on offer?

A panel of experts will address some of the most common issues raised by meat eaters, focusing on health, environmental and economic advantages of this choice. It will also aim to create a dialogue among people embracing different food choices, promoting a better understanding of people’s motivations about different lifestyles, above and beyond reciprocal stereotypes.

What’s it about?

Can we all get meat – free? How difficult is it? Is it dangerous? Why should we do it? What advantages does this bring to the individual and the society? Meat reduction is a familiar theme nowadays, but it is still met with resistance, despite the several advantages it brings.

Who’s leading the event?

The session will be led by Leyla De Amicis (Unigersity of Glasgow)

Speakers will include:

Dr Esther Papies (Reader at School of Psychology, University of Glasgow)
Dr Steve Loughnan (Reader at School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh)
Dr Sara Vestergren (Lecturer in Psychology at Keele University)
Mr Andrew Yeung - founder of Veganwheel - delivery service/website for vegan sustainable companies in Glasgow
Video screening of food companies in Scotland by artist Iman Tajik

Open to

All, although children from the age of 10 would be able to engage more with the topic.

Of particular interest to

The event is mostly for adults, although children from 10 years of age and older might find it interesting, too. Secondary schools will be also invited to the event.

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