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Objects that matter: exhibition and discussion of ‘objects’ connecting young people’s sustainability concerns across Global South-North

Environment Themed Painted coconut cups from Ecuador

What’s on offer?

In the workshop, we will explore what these ‘objects’ might teach us so that humans, other animals and plants can thrive together.

We have capacity for thirty young people to participate in the discussion, but others may come along (without booking) and observe all or part of the discussion.

What’s it about?

Come and join a group inquiry to discuss the questions that an exhibition of objects raise for how we might live sustainably across the globe.

The exhibited objects have been chosen and exchanged by children and young people in India (West Bengal), Ecuador (lowland Chocó) and UK (Brighton). We will also be showing a short film about why these objects say something to them about their environment.

Who’s leading the event?

This event is led by researcher at the University of Sussex, Fliss Bull, Perpetua Kirby and Rebecca Webb in conjunction with the Jubilee library, Brighton. They work with children and young people on environmental sustainability issues in early years, schools, higher education, and informal education settings’ with this:

Open to

Young people aged 12 to 21 years

Of particular interest to

Young people interested in how to conserve and protect our environments so that humans, other animals and plants can thrive together.

It is also relevant to teachers interested in the use of creative and inquiry approaches for exploring sustainability issues.

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