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Secrets of the nuclear power plant: weighing up the role of nuclear in our energy future

Environment Themed

What’s on offer?

Approximately 90 minutes including viewing a virtual tour of a nuclear energy facility, engaging in interactive exercises via Mentimeter to gauge reactions to the content and posing questions to an expert panel who will debate the future of nuclear power.

What’s it about?

Nuclear energy is a controversial approach to energy generation and its future in a low carbon energy system is contested. New nuclear energy facilities are being built in the UK as we speak. Some argue that it offers the lowest carbon source of reliable, round the clock energy and the perfect complement to renewable energy which is condition dependent. Others point to high profile disasters and have major concerns about what happens to the nuclear waste generated in the process. This event is aimed at anyone who wants to find out more about nuclear energy and its potential role in a low carbon energy system. A virtual behind the scenes tour of a nuclear energy facility and a panel of experts with different stances on nuclear will guide participants through the main debates, equipping them with the facts to be able to make their own minds up about nuclear energy, its ethical and environmental implications. There will be opportunities for audience participation but equally participants are welcome to sit back and enjoy the tour and the debate, depending on their preference.

Who’s leading the event?

"• Professor Aimee Ambrose, SHU, Professor of Energy Policy (Lead) • John Lindberg, FRSA, Kings College London and World Nuclear Association • Marilyn Smith, Chief Executive Officer of the Energy Action Project, Paris • John Grant, Senior Lecture in Climate Change, Sheffield Hallam University "

Open to

Anyone can attend but the complexity of the debate around nuclear probably makes it unsuitable for children

Of particular interest to

This event is relevant to anyone concerned about the environment and the urgent transition to a low carbon society.