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How Can we Drive Social Change In Response to the Climate Emergency?

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What’s on offer?

PART I: 20 minutes live online presentation on why social change is needed in response to climate emergency and on what research tells us about how social change can happen, followed by 30-minutes small groups discussions offline within classroom groups where the participants can reflect to what extent they have or have not engaged in driving social change. Each group will then be invited to report back in the main online session (30 min).  

PART II: Within offline small classroom groups students will discuss for 30-minutes on why social change is often so difficult and specifically what the barriers to change are in the context of climate emergency, both on the individual level and on the structural/societal level. Each group will be then invited to report back in the main online session and we will collect a list of the biggest challenges to social change in response to climate emergency. We will then discuss how each of the challenges can be addressed with the involved researcher(s) bringing in insights from research. 45 minutes will be dedicated to this part. 

Finally, to close off the session a short video (5:30 minutes) on “How Young Climate Crisis Activists Changed the World” will be shown. We will do the online sessions on Zoom. 

What’s it about?

The event is about how climate emergency demands not only technical solutions, but also social solutions and social change and how we and young people in particular can drive this social change more effectively.  

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Viktoria Spaiser, Associate Professor in Sustainability Research and Computational Social Science, University of Leeds

Open to

This series is open to young people, 16-18 years old.

Of particular interest to

This event will be of particular interest to those caring about climate change.  

Event Booking details

For any enquiries, please email