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Spot the Greenwashers

Environment Themed

What’s on offer?

This workshop will take about 2 hours and will be held online. You will learn from our expert media researchers in a selection of short activities, with opportunities to try your new skills.

What’s it about?

'Greenwashing' is when an organisation uses PR and marketing spin to deceive us into thinking that they, or their products, are environmentally friendly. Greta Thunberg recently called out the practice at COP26.

But greenwashing is not the only problem in climate media - science scepticism, climate change denial and misinformation fill our daily news and social media feeds. Between sponsored advertisements, Instagram influencers and corporate-backed science, it's hard to tell what's genuine.

In this workshop, our media experts will explain how you can see through the tricks used to miscommunicate climate science in the media, bust dodgy claims and spot misinformation.

We won't just deconstruct media techniques either, we'll also learn how to construct better communication. Using innovative techniques such as storytelling, text adventures and choice-based games, we'll learn how play can be a powerful tool for creating imaginative stories.

If you're focused on making a big impact with your climate communication, we'll help you break through the noise to tell evidence-based stories that inform and inspire.

Who’s leading the event?

The workshop will be led by several researchers from Bournemouth University, all with experience and expertise in communications; Dr Anna Feigenbaum (Associate Professor in Communication and Digital Media), Dr Xin Zhao (Lecturer in Marketing Communications), Dr Shelley Thompson (Deputy Dean of Education and Professional Practice in the BU Business School) and Dr Lyle Skains (Senior Lecturer in Health and Science Communication).

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Of particular interest to

Of particular interest to anyone interested in communicating climate science, particularly in understanding and developing communication skills.