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The social and environmental impacts of food: global policy, local practice

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What’s on offer?

A 90-minute interactive seminar drawing on recent research from four expert panelists to consider how we can reduce the impact of what we eat on biodiversity and climate in an equitable way.  Our panelists will make short presentations on different aspects of the food system. First, global goals and targets relating to food systems will be outlined and on-going challenges to achieving progress towards these goals will be presented.  Then, the focus will turn to some of the actions needed to achieve sustainable food systems including lifestyle changes through sustainable diets, and means of tracing the impacts of foods throughout the supply chain. Next, local actions in the context of urban farming initiatives will be discussed alongside important considerations of animal welfare and biodiversity in food systems.

The event is designed to be interactive and will begin with a food quiz and a question-and-answer session to the panelists, as well as other chances to contribute throughout the event. 

What’s it about?

Biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history and global temperatures are rising, unsustainable food and agriculture systems are a major contributor to both these environmental issues and there are also inequalities in global food production and consumption. We have one decade in which to take action, this event will make suggestions as to how we can contribute to the actions needed to transform our food systems to properly account for biodiversity and climate.  

During the event we consider how actions can be taken by individuals such as dietary choices and taking part in local initiatives such as urban farming and forest food gardening, contribute towards achieving global goals for biodiversity and climate.  We emphasise that we are all important agents of change and that our actions make a difference and go towards shifting current unsustainable food patterns.  

We aim to inspire individuals to:

Be empowered agents of change

Understand how dietary choices have implications for our planet

Help make informed food choices

Increase awareness and get involved in local projects such as urban farming

Consider animal welfare issues in food systems

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Joanna Smallwood (Law lecturer, University of Sussex)

Panelists: Dr Anthony Alexander (Lecturer, University of Sussex Business School), Dr Bonnie Holligan (Law lecturer, University of Sussex), Dr Helena Howe (Law lecturer, University of Sussex) and Dr Perpetua Kirby (Research Fellow in the School of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex)

Open to

Everyone is very welcome! If you are interested in what you eat and how this impacts our environment, please do come along

Of particular interest to

Those interested in food and the environment

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