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The carbon footprint of what you eat

Environment Themed Graphic: What is the carbon footprint of what you eat?

What’s on offer?

A 90 minute workshop focusing on the role of food in climate change and the actions that we as consumers can take to reduce our impact. The workshop will be interactive and will include polls, mini-games, group discussion, examination of a sample weekly food shop and thinking about short and long-term goals to reduce individual impact. The aim of the workshop is to demystify the role of food systems in climate change and to inform and empower consumers with knowledge necessary to make informed decisions when shopping for food.

What’s it about?

During the event we will address the carbon footprint of food and provide space for discussion. The workshop will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the role of food in climate change, examine the impact of food we consume and think about ways to reduce our carbon footprint. The workshop will support the participants to gain insight and understanding and to incorporate these into everyday decision making.

Who’s leading the event?

Jolyon Miles-Wilson (Doctoral researcher at the University of Sussex), Helena Blackmore (Doctoral researcher at the University of Sussex, member of the Sussex Ingestive Behaviour Group)

Open to

Anybody who is interested to learn more about the impact of food on climate change is welcome to attend the workshop. Participants will need to book space in advance (Eventbrite) and if possible, bring a 3-day food diary. This can be recorded in any way you like. (This 3-day food diary should be all foods eaten during typical 2 weekdays and one weekend day).

Of particular interest to

Anybody who eats and/or shops for food.

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