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The Ecological Sensibilities Project: introducing a Podcast exploring the various ways people engage with the environment.

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What’s on offer?

After a 15-minute introduction to the ideas behind the project, you will be given a brief training in interviewing each other around the main themes of the project. You will then take a ‘Topic Guide’ into Breakout Groups and, using the guide, have a go at ‘Podcast interviewing’ each other. You will return to the main room where another brief training in analysis will be given, before taking an ‘Analysis Guide’ back into your Breakout Groups where you will chat about themes emerging in the first interview(s). Afterwards, you will then return to the main room where we will gather an overview of the themes emerging. After reviewing these themes, we will return to considering the sociological underpinnings of the project and I will give some examples of the kinds of things I anticipate finding through Podcast interviewing and offer some reflections on the activities we have just done. There will be an open opportunity for questions at the end.

What’s it about?

In this interactive workshop, you will be introduced to The Ecological Sensibilities Project, a project that seeks to explore the multitude of ways that people in contemporary society feel about, think about and act towards the environment (broadly understood). The Ecological Sensibilities Project aims to carry out this research through an unusual methodology. Rather than carrying out research behind closed doors, analysing that research in private, and then publishing the findings in often difficult to access academic journals, the project seeks to enact social scientific research on Ecological Sensibilities ‘in the open’. Through the Podcast, we want to make explicit and transparent the processes by which social science is done and to draw as many people as possible into that process.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Jamie Barnes, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Sussex

Open to

Anyone is welcome that would find the topic engaging

Of particular interest to

Of particular interest to those concerned about the environment

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