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The price of periods: prisons, poverty, politics

What’s on offer?

This online public discussion provides a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into the monthly experience that impacts the day-to-day lives of half the population. The event begins with Monica Lennon MSP, who will discuss her ‘Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill’ and the importance of period dignity. Professor Hilary Critchley will touch on under-represented, underreported aspects of menstrual bleeding disorders. Dr Laura Rossouw will talk about research on the importance and economics of menstrual hygiene management and period poverty in South Africa. Miriam Vishniac will explore the difficulties incarcerated women in the UK face in accessing menstrual health products. Via these diverse experiences and areas of research, attendees will be invited to reflect on how far the effects of menstruation reverberate into the lives of those around them. Presented by the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) and genderED, the University’s gender and sexualities research hub.

What’s it about?

While the topic of menstruation is gradually entering mainstream public discourse, it remains highly stigmatised and taboo-ridden in many communities. We hope that this event will provide all attendees, both young and old, with an opportunity to listen to experts discuss all matters related to menstruation in an open, inclusive, and accessible manner, combatting the stigmatisation that may still be prevalent in the communities to which attendees belong. Further, we hope that the event will encourage younger attendees to learn more about how individuals experience menstruation differently, and to speak openly about their experiences, contributing to the demystification and destigmatisation of menstruation amongst young people aged 12+.

Who’s leading the event?

Steve Yearley, Professor of the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge. Prof. Hilary Critchley, Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Monica Lennon MSP, Dr Laura Rossouw, Senior Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, Miriam Vishniac, doctoral researcher in Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research.

Open to

Young people, Public.

Of particular interest to

of particular interest to young girls and women of all ages, and everyone interested in social justice and equality